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Where to buy the Prop replicas of LOTR?

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Lord of the Rings

Where to buy the Prop replicas of LOTR? 1

Hundreds of people like Lord of the rings swords due to their

  • Uniqueness
  • Epic tales that are never heard before.

Lord of the Rings is a famous and epic high fantasy novel which has been written by author J. R. R. Tolkien. Aside from the novel, there are movie adaptions of the three books in the series;

  • The fellowship of the Ring
  • The Two Towers
  • The Return of the King.

Both the novels and the films have received high appreciation and liking from people all over the world. After the movies had been released, the Lord of the Rings sword became popular, and every fan wanted to get their hands on it.

Before we get into detail about these lord of the rings swords, let’s have a brief introduction about the actual series (novels and movies) from where the lord of the rings weapons originated.

Lord of the Rings (Novels)

Where to buy the Prop replicas of LOTR? 2

All the novels in the series were written by J.R Tolkin (a famous fantasy writer). It is among the best-selling novels ever found, with above 150 million copies sold. The title of the book relates to the main villain of the story, the Dark Lord Sauron. He has created the One Ring for ruling the other Rings of Power as the final lethal item in his campaign to rule and conquer all of the Middle-earth.

The initial intention of Tolkien’s work was one volume of a two-volume set, the second volume being Silmarillion. This idea of his was dismissed by his publisher and for some economic reasons, the book was published in three volumes over the years from 1954 to 1955.

If you look at the structure of the novels,

  • They are divided into six books internally,
  • Two books per novel.

There are several add-ons of background material included at the end of the third volume. Some editions have the entire work combined into a single volume. Since the initial release,

  • Lord of the Rings has been reprinted many times
  • Translated into several languages.

Lord of the Rings (Movies)

The Lord of the Rings is a movie series which consists of three fantasy adventure films that are directed by Peter Jackson. It was due to the film series that

  • Lord of the rings swords got famous
  • Attracted millions of fans in the first place.

The films of lord of the rings released were in the following years:

  • The first film was released in 2001,
  • the second in 2002
  • The last one in 2003.
  • New Line Cinema was the distributor.

These films are considered as the most ambitious and the biggest film projects ever, having an overall budget of $281 million (or maybe up to $330 million).

It took over eight years for the whole project to get completed. The filming was entirely done in New Zealand, and all the three movies were filmed simultaneously. After their theatrical releases, all three films in the series later released a special extended edition on DVD. Even though 90% of the story follows the general storyline in the books, there are however some omissions and additions throughout the film series.If you still want to get authenticated information about all the swords used in lotr series before buying one, just visit the wikipedia article about lotr weopns here.

Lord of the rings Swords

Now that we have covered some basic info about the novel and films let’s talk more about the real attraction; the lotr swords.

Where to buy Swords from LOTR?

All the swords from your favorite Lord of the rings movie are now available on Swords Kingdom. You can buy almost all the LOTR swords from the Lord of the rings Swords collection of Swords Kingdom.

Frodo’s Sting Sword

Where to buy the Prop replicas of LOTR? 3
Sting sword from Swords Kingdom

Sting was an ancient blade that was made in Gondolin by Elvish black-smiths. When goblins or orcs were within a hesitating radius of it, the blade started to glow blue. This sword is considered as one of the best lords of the rings swords by its

  • Unique look
  • Weight

It was lost during the Fall of Gondolin, the same battle when Glamdring was taken, and Turgon had fallen.

  • This famous sword was carried by Bilbo in The Hobbit after he found it in the Troll-hoard.
  • Even though, the Sting was just a dagger by the standard of elves, is acted as a perfect sword for a Hobbit.
  • This sword was rather small, and it was worn by Bilbo inside his breeches, due to which he was able to travel and run without facing any inconvenience.

In the film adaptions, this blade is uncovered by Gandalf among many other lords of the rings warfare products on the floor of the cave just as he is about to leave. He gave the blade to Bilbo, who was waiting outside the cave.

Sting is portrayed as

  • A leaf-shaped blade,
  • Gently curved edges.

Anduril Narsil

Where to buy the Prop replicas of LOTR? 4
Glamdering Sword from Swords Kingdom

This blade is considered the most iconic among lord of the rings swords and was carried by Aragon in the film: Fellowship of the Ring and it is has been prominently featured at several parts of the story. This sword is often referred to as

  • The Sword Reforged
  • The Broken Sword.

The sword is used as evidence by Aragon when he, Gimli, and Legolas first meet Eomer.

We have the best Anduril sword replica from LOTR series which possess some of the best features as follow:

  • It is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel
  • The handle is of solid metal crossguard and pommel.
  • Silver or gold plated finished handle
  • Leather-wrapped slip-free grip
  • It comes with a free scabbard

There are lot more swords in our swords collection just keep scrolling!

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