Top LOTR swords used by characters

Lord of the rings is one of the finest and epic sword-fighting movie series which the fans loved the most. There are three versions of the movie, which had been released until now. It is based on the fantasy novel by J.R.R Tolkien. The primary protagonist of the series is the Aragorn, son of Arathorn. He fought to get the legacy of the Ring back to his hand. He had to fight many battles against Sauron to get the Ring. Aragorn Strider, along with his multiple companions, unites to rally free people of Middle Earth to help Frodo against Sauron.

There is a number of weapons used in the movie series. And almost every lotr swords is famous due to its association with a particular character. Every weapon which includes swords, helmets, shields, etc. are way too legendary among the fans. Every die-hard fan of the series wants to see these fantastic LOTR replica weapons in their collectibles. Some of the best lotr weapons used in the series are as follow:

Anduril Sword (Sword of Aragorn)

The sword is best and well-renowned among the fans of the lotr series. The Aragorn sword has got much fame due to its association with the main protagonist of the series, that is, Aragorn. The Sauron broke his sword in order to get the fellowship of the Ring. In the third age, the sword was reforged from the shards of the forefather and called Narsil sword. The first sword of Aragorn created by Elves of Rivendell after the Council of Elrond. Sometimes the Anduril is also called the Flame of the West.

Anduril Narsil Sword

Glamdring Sword: The sword of Gandalf Gray

Glamdring sword belonged to Gandalf, which was manufactured for Turgon, the King of Gondolin, in the first age. The sword has been searched for almost 6000 years until Gandalf discovered in Hobbit along with some other swords like Sting sword. Gandalf used this sword in fighting against Great Goblin.

Top LOTR swords used by characters 1

Hadhafang Sword: The sword of Arwen

When living with Idril and the princess Elven who embedded a Human Man, the Hadhafang sword was passed to the Arwen. The little girl of Elrond got this sword after his dad employed this sword in the Third Age. There is something written on its blade, which means “The sharp blade is known as Hadhafang, the respectable resistance against the foe for the honorable woman.”

Top LOTR swords used by characters 2

Sting Sword: The sword of Bilbo Baggins

Sting sword is actually the Hobbit’s sword, made by the Elves in Gondolin during the First Age. Bilbo got this sword during the search of Erebor. After the task, Bilbo got the sword, which was engraved with content that means, “Sting is my name; I am the creepy crawly’s bane.” In the Third Age, Bilbo passed down this sword to the Frodo Baggins.

The magical sword carried by the Bilbo when he found the Ring of power in Gollum’s cave. The Frodo used this sword to destroy the Ring. The little sword has a silk-screened hardwood handgrip and solid metal guard.

Top LOTR swords used by characters 3

Orcrist Sword: The sword of Thorin Oakenshield

This also called the Biter, and the Goblins dreaded this sword hugely. The Orcrist is the sword of Gondolin, which was made by the Elves. This sword is the mate of the famous Glamdring Sword of Gandalf. In the journey to retake the Lonely Mountain, the Quest of Erebor, Thorin used this to deal with the sudden situations.

Top LOTR swords used by characters 4

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