Top Impressive Facts of Aragorn Strider:

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Aragorn Strider

Aragorn Strider is one of the main characters of Lord of the rings and is also famous by the name of Elessar. The son of Arathorn and the king of Gondor and Arnor lived to rule and win the hearts. He fights to reunite the two Kingdoms and build the world of men. He was in a love triangle with Eowyn and Arwen, but he feels for Arwen. As Arwen has to live with her people, so Aragorn moved on overcoming his feelings, but later he got his love. He got married to the Arwen at last.

Aragorn is one of the bravest and beloved characters from Lord of the rings. He got many names due to his bravery and lineage. Here are some impressive facts about Aragorn Strider heroism.

Fight for fellowship:

Aragorn went on a journey with hobbits and helped them on the way. He was in alliance with Gandalf, Gimli, Hobbits, Legolas and Boromir of Gondor. And check here the Best lord of the rings swords. He fights with Nazgul to take them to the Rivendell. The shards of Narsil was reforged, and Aragorn named it Anduril sword. Anduril sword is one of the best swords from Lord of the rings that is why it was reforged into a new design. After reaching Moria, the Gandalf was lost, and Aragorn took charge and led the fellows to the Falls of Rauros.

Destroy Saruman’s Army:

The three hunters Legolas,  Aragorn and Gimli, were tracking for Uruk-hai to rescue the two hobbits. Aragorn got the news that they have died, but some clues spark a hope that they were alive. Then the lost Gandalf met them and told that hobbits are alive. The three hunters and Gandalf then moved to the Rohan. There they defeated the Saruman’s army in Hornburg battle and helped the people of Rohan to meet the victory. Aragorn plays significant role to destroy Saruman and his army.

Aggressive aragorn the two tower

Defeat to Sauron:

Aragorn leads his army to defeat the Sauron by distracting his attention and making him overwhelming. He sends his army to the gates to Mordor and compelled the Sauron to attack aggressively and got the ring destroyed. With this, Sauron and his army were defeated. He reunites the kingdom of Arnor and kingdom of Gondor and becomes the king. The great King Elessar of the Reunited Kingdom.

King Elessar

Got married to Arwen:

However, the odds were against them, but he kept her love in his heart. After becoming King Elessar, he married Arwen. And it is one of the most beautiful parts of the whole trilogy.

Aragorn Strider lived long:

While at battle in The Two Towers Aragorn Strider was 87 years old. He has an Elven ancestry, so he can live a long life than a typical man. 

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