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There are many movie and tv series which are excessively mainstream among the devotees of swords-battles. The movies have the skirmishes of sword battling, which makes these films dear to their supporters. The characters perform in these sword films are one of the fundamental reasons for their prominence. These films are not well known because of just the heroes but rather likewise the fighting things utilized by the heroes. Each sword has the one of a kind and heroic qualities which make them exquisite. The absolute best movie and tv series which have an immense fan following regarding sword battling scenes are:

Movie and TV swords

As you know, there are many movie and TV swords. But here we’ll discuss weapons of only one movie that is 300 spartans.

300 Spartans

One of the strongest, cruelest, and most feared army in Greece were the Spartans, who originate from Sparta, a city in ancient Greece. The Spartans rose to power between the 6th and 4th centuries BC. The Spartans were so strong that it was commonly acknowledged that one Spartan was worth several men. The philosopher Lycurgus built this historical army. He proposed that Sparta should have a wall of men, instead of a wall of bricks. The Spartan army was known not only for its power in wars but also for fearlessness, equality, fitness, and strictness. 

The journey of a Spartan started at infancy when the Gerousia tested it. If not found strong enough, he was left to die at Mount Taygetus. And those who passed the test would be put into agoge at the age of 7 years, and their training would start. The boys would undergo sports and war training, along with poetry, music, academics, etc. At the age of 30, those who passed agoge would become Spartan citizens. Some of the best warfare items used by the Spartans in the movies are as follow:

The Spartan Helmet

The Greek Corinthian helmet originated in Ancient Greece, and this name was derived from the area Corinth. The helmet used to be of bronze and covered the entire head and neck of Greek soldiers. There were only slits for mouth and eyes and made breathing difficult for the Spartans. However, they still managed to defeat several armies during the reign of Spartans. During combat, the Spartan would wear the helmet tipped up to the front for comfort. The helmet would protect the nape of the neck and also the cheekbones of Green soldiers, which was a facial feature of great pride for them.

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King Leonidas Sword

In the battle, Leonidas successfully led 300 Spartans against ruthless Persian forces and stopped them from invading Greece, although at the cost of his own life. His sword would be remembered all across the battle, for it slit heads like no other. As seen in the movie adaption, Leonidas sword was the only prevailing weapon after each combat, and the sword had been designed especially for close combat to knock off the opponent by thrusting, stabbing, or even cutting him.

Movie and TV Swords famous Replica 2

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