7 Most Popular Video Game Props of all Times

Video games are one of the best sources for utilizing your time in the right way. You can learn a lot of things from them. Moreover, the fantastic stories of video games will take you to another world where you can experience different things.

Unlike TV and Movie Shows, you can control your character in your way and can pass your own decisions to him/her. Moreover, video games are working based on the character’s collectible. Each popular character will be carrying his collectible with himself. Here in this content, you will come to know about the seven most popular video game props of all times. So, give this article a full read to know interesting facts about your favorite video game props.   

  • Red Shells from Mario Kart
  • Smart Pistol MK5 from Titanfall
  • AWP from Counter-Strike
  • The Keyblades from Kingdom Heart
  • Beam Katana from No More Heroes
  • Buster Sword from Final Fantasy
  • Master Sword from Legend of Zelda

7: Red Shells from Mario Kart:

Mario Kart is a fantastic video game that is loved by children across the world. It has incredible props with different powers and abilities. The most useful and authoritative accessory in Mario Kart is “SHELL.” Every Mario Kart rider dreads after seeing a shell behind his vehicles because of the destructive powers of the shell. The shells are widely available in the game at different spots. The riders need to find them according to their needs.

The basic functionality of shell is to destroy the nearest racer’s vehicle in the Mario Kart. It will also serve as a guard when someone uses it for protection purpose. But all racers use it to destroy competitor’s vehicles in the game to get victory and rewards. That’s why it is one of the lethal props of Mario Kart game. If you want to win in this game, then you need to pick up as many shells as you can.

6: Smart Pistol MK5 from Titanfall:

If you love to play shooting player games, then I am sure you will be familiar with the Titanfall game. It is one of the toughest first-person shooting games that contains numerous maps, adventures, collectibles and characters. The collectibles present in it have destructive powers, and they are considered as best Sci-Fi weapons from the video game category. The most amazing and deadliest collective that it has is “Smart Pistol MK5.”

The wielder needs to set the target only, and Smart Pistol MK5 will do the next things. You can enjoy its two features.

You can set the target on multiple items

You can set a target on a single thing for numerous times.

Yes, it can set a lock on a specific target. You need to see the target through the binoculars and laser. It has the rapid lock-on features that can knock down the enemies within seconds. That’s why it is one of the lethal type of props in the Titanfall video game.

5: AWP from Counter-Strike:

Counter-Strike is another fantastic video game that contains a blistering storyline with different characters and collectibles. Arctic Warfare Police Magnum Rifle, also known as AWP, is a powerful sniper rifle that can knock down enemies from a wide range of distance. The fantastic thing about this gun is its availability for both parties, i.e. counter-terrorists and terrorist can use it for their purpose.

If you think that you or your enemies can survive from the bullets of AWP when shot on the head, then you are wrong. It can also kill opponents if they are wearing armours and shields. While when it comes to body shots, it can kill anyone with its 1-2 bullets only. You need to set a target by binoculars and lasers. Due to incredible penetrating and destructive power, it is in the list of deadliest guns from video games category. But there is a drawback of AWP. It will take a lot of time to reload because of its bullet’s size and power.

4: The Keyblades from Kingdom Heart:

Keyblades from kingdomhearts

Unlike the previously mentioned video game props, Keyblades from Kingdom Heart is slightly different when it comes to powers. They are used as the magical tools in the video game Kingdom Heart series. They have the potential to unlock or lock the hearts of a particular world. Due to such massive powers, the keyblades must be kept away from the evil hands.

Apart from the functionality of Keyblade, the way Sora used it in the series was quite exceptional. Sora was the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts and was responsible for keeping the keyblades away from the reach of evil powers. He also used it against his enemies to keep alive peace in the world. There is another unique thing about the keyblades. No character was able to use another character’s keyblade.

This way, more interest of people indulged in the game, and it became one of the most successful video game series of the world. It will be unfair if we won’t give credit to the collectible’s designer. The way he presented his creativity in terms of collectibles is quite appreciable.

3: Beam Katana from No More Heroes:

Beam katana

For the association of nerdy and dangerous assassins, beam katana is one of the lethal weapons to use. They are also the favorite and iconic collectible of Travis Touchdown character. He used these katanas to kill hundreds of characters and enemies.

The beam katanas were able to cut down everything, from stone to the human body, within seconds. For killing numerous enemies, Travis, in “No More Heroes”, got several beam katanas with changeable blade modifications. As it is a large video game prop, therefore, Travis used his both hands to carry it with ease. The unusual storyline of this video game became very popular worldwide, and that’s why the beam katanas are present in our life of best video game props of all times.

2: Buster Sword from Final Fantasy:

Buster sword from final fantasy

Buster sword, the iconic collectible of Cloud Strife, is one of the most-deadliest collectibles in the video gaming industry. Before Cloud Strife, it was under the possession of Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley. These two people worked hard for keeping the peace alive in their country by killing all their enemies. Cloud Strife also walked on the same way of these two characters. He also kept one thing in his mind that he will never let down the legacy of Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley.

Due to the heavyweight of Buster Sword, Cloud has to be irony strong. Therefore, he practised well with the Buster Sword and never knocked himself down in front of his enemies. He killed numerous foes with it and became the most popular character of Final Fantasy series.

The buster sword was approximately 6 feet long with a single edge blade surface. Because cloud practised a lot with buster sword, therefore, he will look very much comfortable while holding this gigantic sword.

1: Master Sword from Legend of the Zelda:

Links master sword

Whenever the villains of Legend of Zelda came into play, then Master Sword was seen in the hands of Link. He was the main protagonist of Zelda series who was famous because of his defensive skills and Master Sword.

Link doesn’t have a sword at the initial stages of the series. He found it from some hidden Hyrule parts. Although it looks like a simple sword, it has the power to kill enemies within a few seconds. On the other hand, it can also be used as a protective item. So, due to its unique features and powers, it is present in our list of best video game props of all times.

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